11 Sep 2014

Love last week #14

1// little one is officially 10 months old which means he is very nearly 1 year old! 2// new jammies for big - i think he liked them 3// i love a nursery drop off with no tears/ 5// new pretties for the house - canvas instagram prints. 6// a Brighton beach day out on Saturday - the boys had a blast, i had a stressful time. win some lose some 7// and my hubby rode his bike from croydon to brighton - 4.5 hours riding time and finishing with a broken bike - but he did it. He has been on a epic weight loss journey and now in just over a year he has lost a total of 4 stone in weight. Huge difference to how he feels now.

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9 Sep 2014

Kitchen Adventures // Chocolate Jaffa Cupcakes

My big boy sees me baking a lot of the time. To him this is just normal behaviour (just like that he thinks all mummys knit!). As this is just the normal to him we do occasionally get the requests - mummy can we bake some cuppycakes please? Mostly I say no (as there is so many cakes a family of 4 can bake, eat etc) but on one particular day while little one was taking a nap - a rare occurrence at times. I gave in and said yes. We had been sent some icing sugar from Sugar & Crumbs which I talked about in my baking post at the weekend - The sell a range of natural flavoured icing sugars, cocoa powders and have just launched their chocolate icing sugar in 3 fantastic flavours - Chocolate Jaffa, Chocolate Milkshake and Black Forest. I've made butter cream with their flavoured icing sugars in the past - they create a really strong flavour and a lovely consistency. However the big boy attention span is sometimes lacking, as you would expect in a 4 year old. Instead I thought I would try making a glace icing with the chocolate icing sugar.

I mixed about 4 tablespoons of icing sugar with a tablespoon of milk. Mixed until a pourable consistency. M took great pleasure in drizzling the jaffa icing over the cakes ) - yes it went everywhere!! before decorating the cakes and most of the kitchen floor in sprinkles. The icing had a lovely glaze and set nice. On top of the vanilla cupcakes the chocolate icing upgraded these cakes. They were enjoyed by everyone (including the baby!)

7 Sep 2014

#greatbloggersbakeoff // pastry

I've been slacking in the catching up and blogging of these challenges (however I have just caught up with all the episodes we had recorded!) and inspired by the most recent pastry week being on the TV I plucked up the courage to give it a whirl - plus I managed to pick up a pastry case tin in Sainsbury for £3, bargain.

I had been sent some rather delicious sounding flavoured chocolate icing sugar from Sugar & Crumbs. I love there ranges and the tastes are fantastic. They have done the hard bit but already flavouring up the mixture - you can turn a plain sponge cake into a Chocolate orange one instant. I used the chocolate milkshake one to make my pastry after finding a classic Mary Berry recipe on the good food site. Which is what I used as my base. I substituted plain icing sugar for the chocolate one. I had to add about a couple tablespoons more plain flour as it was quite sticky.
It was not the prettiest tart, and instead of serving it warm - I popped it in the fridge. It was a yummy chocolate filling. I do think I over baked it a tad. But everyone who has tried it has given it a big thumbs up. I'm not the best baker when it comes to pasty - but like most things this will come with practise. The flavoured icing sugar gave the pastry a lovely sweet flavour while the filling had a strong dark chocolate taste. I'm really please with the turn out on this and will be giving pastry another go.

Lunch of champions.

I'm interested to try hot water crust pastry next. Thinking a steak and ale one - just typing that makes me feel hungry.

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1 Sep 2014

Love Last Week #13

1// spending some time with our goddaughter. She loves little N so much!! so sweet 2// a birthday dinner out with my parents, sister and nephew. A local American Themed diner - fun!! With a juke box and ice cream floats. 3// My big boy is so funny - found him asleep - with all the toys and a wooly hat on. 4// little one took a couple of unaided steps. since doing so he has refused to try again - but lots of one handed walked and trying to stand up. 5// nightmare bedtime / night with both boys - restless, crying, nightmares..... 6// our sundays have been super busy this past month, but I got in the kitchen, cooked a roast and sat down with just my boys. Oh and we had jelly and ice cream for dessert.

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