1 Sep 2014

Love Last Week #13

1// spending some time with our goddaughter. She loves little N so much!! so sweet 2// a birthday dinner out with my parents, sister and nephew. A local American Themed diner - fun!! With a juke box and ice cream floats. 3// My big boy is so funny - found him asleep - with all the toys and a wooly hat on. 4// little one took a couple of unaided steps. since doing so he has refused to try again - but lots of one handed walked and trying to stand up. 5// nightmare bedtime / night with both boys - restless, crying, nightmares..... 6// our sundays have been super busy this past month, but I got in the kitchen, cooked a roast and sat down with just my boys. Oh and we had jelly and ice cream for dessert.

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27 Aug 2014

Love Last Week #12

1// new haircuts for me and my big boy 2// this cheeky monkey is getting more and more full of energy as the days go on! 3// 3 years married and a cheeky mid-week date with hubby for a delish Indian meal 4// captured this cute moment between my dad and little man 5// a legoland surprise for the kids (well M more so!) 6// its my birthday...so we took back to the old skool with a night out.

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22 Aug 2014

Working Mummy Returns

Back in May I blogged about how I was looking forward to return to work - it is now the reality. Back in full effect. I am leaving breathing and thinking about the new routine we have in our lives. The summer is a little bit more complex - involving childcare and collecting / dropping of kids all over the place.

And I am enjoying it. I'm enjoying my actual job - it challenging, keeps my brain ticking over, keeps me interesting. I'm enjoying the meetings and the coffee breaks and the lunchtimes. The commute is not too bad. The dropping off kids is ok (if a little stressful) but they are also having fun. They have spent time with friends and family. Little one has really settled into nursery after a bit of rocky start.

I am happy and proud to be a working mummy. Sure at time its difficult and I am racked with guilt as my children are left without for the day. But they are being cared for, looked after and generally made a fuss of for the times they are out of my care. 

Its fun being a working mummy. I really enjoy it. Im sure if the job was not enjoyable or the commute hard or the people not nice it would change my view of things. Right now I am happy playing my role, doing what needs to be done and keeping everything ticking over in my head.

I feel a little guilty at times. but mostly I am happy, the boys are happy - that's what counts - right?

21 Aug 2014

Summer 2014 : Fruit picking

Our summer - which is very nearly at the end - started off super fun. Fruit picking at Garsons Farm. We have been there in the Autumn for pumpkin picking but this was our first summer experience. The boys love fruit so did have much fun sampling the berries! Whoops. M enjoyed being outside racing up and down the plants and finding the perfect raspberries. It was a glorious day and we stopped for a picnic there before heading home - in which both boys promptly fell fast asleep in the back of the car - sign of a fun morning I'd say.

We ending up with raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, broccoli and peas. Rather scrumptious selection.